​Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my course being held?

The short courses are held in one of our 3 campuses – Northbridge, Leederville and eCentral. View campus maps.

Are there additional costs for the course?

Any materials that you may need to purchase are highlighted in the ‘What to bring’ tab. You will be advised if any additional materials will be required for the course.

I have special mobility/learning needs what can i do?

If you have any medical conditions, disability or special requirements that may affect course participation, please contact us before making your enrolment or booking.


What is your payment and refund policy?

1. Full payment must be made upon enrolment.
2. For online, phone and email enrolments, payment must be paid with credit card (MasterCard, VISA)
3. No refund will be given for absenteeism.
4. No refund will be given for full or partial withdrawal on, or after the day of commencement of the course.
5. Full refund will be made under the following circumstances –
a. Course cancelled due to insufficient numbers
b. Course time change is unsuitable
c. Medical circumstances prior to commencement of course. Doctor’s certificate required.
6. If you wish to cancel your enrolment, you must do so 14 days before the courses commencement date and you will receive a credit note until 31 December of the year you enrolled.

Is there a particular age group for your courses?

At Central, we aim to promote adult lifelong learning, and courses are specifically designed to cater for the adult audience. Attendees must be over 18.


Where do I park and how do I find the venue?

You can find out more about the location and parking options here.

Do you supply concessions and discounts?

Unfortunately there are no concession rates for our short courses, however, keep your eye out for seasonal discounts coming soon!

When will I obtain my confirmation details?

You will receive official course confirmation details approximately one week prior to the course commencement.

What are my options if my course is cancelled?

If a course is cancelled, you will have the option of transferring to another course or obtaining a refund.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us.