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Photoshop intermediate
Ink from Scratch
Creative Metal Clay Jewellery

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Interior Design

Getting Started with Solidworks
You will be guided through essential modelling commands and tips to generate fully rendered components in 3D and effortlessly produce technical drawings. From plastic, metal or glass, to the whole car, learn why SolidWorks is a chosen CAD package for Product and Industrial Design and Engineering.


Colour for Interior Design & Decoration 2
This course is designed to build on the awareness and understanding of colour theory and application explored in “an introduction to the creation of successful colour schemes”.
Through a series of exercises, workshops and course notes participants will explore colour relationships, colour naming, optical and spatial effects of colour, colour symbolism, psychology + historical style, and compile a Colour Reference Book for future use.

3D Design

Introduction to 3D Max
The Intro into 3DS Max offers participants the chance to learn the basics of one of the industry’s leading 3D modelling and animation packages. Over the duration of this 6 session’s course, you will learn to model all chess pieces and the chessboard. You will create realistic textures and lighting, and render still images and composite them in Photoshop. The technical areas covered in this course will cover learning the Interface, 3D Modelling (including Polygonal and Spline modelling), Texturing, Lighting, rendering and Compositing.
Introduction to 2D Animation using Flash
An introduction to how animations are made using widely used commercial 2D animation software, Adobe Flash 5. Course will cover the usage of timeline and layers, and an introduction to techniques such as tweening, rotoscoping and synchronising lip movements to sounds.

Software & Graphic Design

MS Project Intermediate
Plan your projects effectiveley. The skills and knowledge in this course are suffient for you to be able to use Microsoft Project to create a new project, enter and work with tasks and resources, create a schedule and print effective project information.



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